The Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center (KCGC) at American University aims to promote “good cybersecurity governance” by providing Board-level corporate leaders and their designees with thoughtful, practical, timely and well-supported guidance on the cybersecurity issues that are essential to their core stakeholder responsibilities.


Our goal is to provide corporate leaders with the information and tools they need to be cyber capable, efficiently leveraging the full range of their resources and expertise to manage and overcome the critical cybersecurity governance challenges facing corporate entities today.


KCGC conducts collaborative, objective and multi-disciplinary research related to governance and enterprise risk management across multiple disciplines, including business, legal, public policy and public administration.  In addition to providing research, analysis and education, KCGC also serves as both a curator of the vast amount of information available regarding cybersecurity and a convener of conferences, seminars and other opportunities for focused discourse and engagement.