• Carl Morrow

    • August 20, 2014 in Other

    Peaceful Coexistence

    When I first came to Kogod’s MBA program, I was taking a chance. I am headed to a career in higher education administration, and pursuing a business degree is not the typical route one takes to become a dean. However, I have had enough exposure to what happens at a college to know that the knowledge acquired by studying business would be valuable. Even so, I was unsure how well higher education and business would merge. I mean, business is about the bottom line, and education is about developing the whole person. These two things can’t peacefully coexist, can they? Because of this cognitive dissonance, I initially struggled with the notion that profit and purpose are not at odds. I was convinced that non-profit and for-profit leaders spoke totally different languages and held vastly different views of the world. And while I was convinced that business training could help me...
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  • Don’t Miss Your Moment

    It was April. I had no internship and I still found myself debating whether or not I should actually attend the Spring Career Fair. Truthfully, I didn’t feel like it would make a difference. The frustration from so many denied internship applications and resume submissions incited a level of discouragement that was hard to shake. After contemplating how illogical it was for me to not attend this fair, considering I had no other opportunities pending, I decided to go for a few minutes, just to say I tried. I printed a few copies of my resume and, “dressed for success,” I grudgingly headed over to Bender Arena. I entered the building and started in the direction of the infamous federal government agencies, an area always over populated with young eager college students trying to land a coveted internship with the federal government. I paused in front of the Department of...
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  • Interning for an African Start-Up

    This summer I traveled across the Atlantic to work for a Ghanaian hospitality start-up company.  After leveraging my strong network in DC, I am working with a former colleague from World Wildlife Fund who is now the CEO of ECGL: Ecolodge Company Ghana Limited. When I began my internship search last winter, I knew I wanted to work for a mission-driven organization and have been dying to travel to Africa for years. ECGL is a perfect match: an ecolodge company building its first lodge in a national park in Ghana! I contacted Andy, my boss, last January after returning from the International Dimensions in Management course trip to Santiago, Chile. After a short negotiation, I began working remotely for ECGL in late January, establishing the company’s social media presence and developing their brand, Zaina. Having a few months of lead-time before I landed on the ground here was incredibly valuable....
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  • An Intern Abroad

    Last week on the Kogod Graduate Insider Blog, we highlighted the variety of summer internship placements within the MBA class. One student, Erin Davis, exemplifies this variety as she is applying her education and experience in an one-of-a-kind internship placement. Erin shares her remarkable experience with us below.  In the unique setting of Tonga, I am seeing what attracted me to graduate school come alive: microfinance. I am spending the summer as an intern for South Pacific Business Development (SPBD), an organization offering financial products to impoverished women who operate in Tonga’s informal economy. Yes, Tonga. Not Togo. Not Congo. Tonga. I’m proud to say I’m putting it on the map for friends and family. Did you know that, because of its proximity to the International Date Line, Tonga is one of the first countries to start each day?  SPBD also operates in the South Pacific countries of Samoa, Fiji, and the Solomon...
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  • Internship Season is Here

    Internship season for the MBA Class of 2015 is underway and the variety of placements is marvel-worthy. This summer, you’ll find Kogod students across private, public, and nonprofit sectors in organizations large and small, long-standing and blossoming start-ups. To showcase the variety of internship placements, I asked three classmates to share where they will be interning this summer. Steve To Let’s start with Steve. Before joining the MBA program, Steve had a career as a management consutant in the energy industry. With his summer internship, Steve will work in a similar role but in the technology space as a Management Consultant Intern for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a 79,000-employee consulting firm. He will work on technology solutions and services and his role will include strategy and execution of those projects. In applying for the position, Steve felt the opportunity with CSC would align with his career goals of working with technology...
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  • Introducing the New Bloggers!

    We made it through our first year of business school and now we’re officially “Second Years”! I’m honored to be part of a talented team of writers who you’ll hear from throughout the 2014-15 school year on the Graduate Insider Blog. We are excited to share stories over the coming months, but before we start blogging here are some quick introductions: Me (Cate): For those of you who are new to the blog, I will expand on Laura’s lovely introduction from my guest blog last month. My name is Cate (with a C!) Johnson and I grew up in Vacationland – AKA Maine. I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston, and moved south to D.C. after spending one year working for the city of Portland, Maine. Prior to enrolling at Kogod, I worked at World Wildlife Fund on their Market Transformation Initiative. A lifelong conservationist, my experience...
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    • author
    • Laura Denton

    • May 12, 2014 in MBA, Other

    The End of the Road

    On Monday, May 5, I took the last two finals of my graduate career. On Tuesday, May 6, I gave my final business school presentation. On Saturday, May 10, I walked across the stage in Bender Arena and I traded my “second year” title for a new one: “alumna.” After our return from spring break, the final eight weeks of the semester were a whirlwind of client projects and presentations, exams and job searching… all while my classmates and I were trying to enjoy time together outside of the classroom since we are going different directions after graduation. All of our hard work paid off as we celebrated the graduating class with our classmates, professors and faculty at the official end of year party on Thursday, May 8. Walking across the stage with the rest of my MBA ’14 classmates was icing on the cake. We all made it. I’ve...
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  • AU Celebrates Earth Hour

    While my fellow FTMBA ’14 classmates and I are racing towards graduation, I want to take a moment and introduce you to our guest blogger, Cate Johnson. Originally from Maine, Cate is a first year FTMBA. She received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Northeastern University in Boston before making her way down to Washington, D.C. where she worked at World Wildlife Fund. Please welcome Cate with open arms because you will be hearing from her over the next year here on the blog. Cate and three of her classmates will be taking the reins from Nick and me after we graduate and I’m looking forward to the stories and experiences they will share. Without further ado, welcome, Cate!   Hello and happy Earth Day! Here at American, we celebrate the holiday throughout the entire month of April. This year #AUEarthMonth started a little earlier than usual: on March...
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  • From One Leader to the Next

    Current GBA President Walker Sands and incoming President Harrison Wagenseil share their perspectives on what it was—and what it will be—like taking care of the graduate student body at Kogod.  Walker Sands, MBA ’14, President 2013-2014: The Best Ending Makes For Endless Opportunities It’s with great excitement that we enter into the homestretch of a fantastic two years at Kogod. As Graduate Business Association President for the Class of 2014, I’m proud of the shine we’ve all brought to Kogod and our American University community. The MBA Class of 2014’s dedication to profit and purpose through ventures in socially-conscious consulting and community service throughout is unmatched in the District. The financial power of Kogod’s investment groups is undeniable as Masters in Finance and Accounting, and MBA candidates advise New York and national industry leaders. Our diversity is broad, but our collective calling is focused: we build a better world through business....
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  • An International Perspective

    Understanding the student experience is what the Insider Blog is all about. A few weeks ago I interviewed Neha Tyagi, FTMBA ’15, to get a more in-depth understanding of what it is like to be an international student here at Kogod. First, a little background on who she is and where she is from… Neha: I originally hail from India. After obtaining a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication, I went on to work with Accenture as a Software Engineer in the Telecom domain. Having seen the demand for managers who would understand both the business and IT systems, I decided to pursue an MBA. A curious soul, I strive hard to educate myself and share knowledge that I possess with others around me. Continuous learning keeps me going!   Q: Was it easy to find housing?    A: NO! It was still easier for me as three of us...
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