• author
    • Nick Elefante

    • November 17, 2012 in Other

    “A City So Nice, They Named It Twice”

    Columbia University

    New York, New York is a resource that should not be overlooked while getting your MBA at Kogod. Depending on what mode of transportation you choose, you can get to one of the world’s most prominent cities in around four hours.

    During my first semester I have gone to New York twice for two completely different, but enriching experiences. The first time, a crew of Kogoders set out for the Social Enterprise Conference held at Columbia University.

    It was amazing. The keynote speaker was Paul Farmer (worth the price of registration), the panels were informative, and the panelists were knowledgeable and open to connecting. We learned about “The New Non-Profit”, how to utilize media to tell your story, and what philanthropists are looking for in a social enterprise that would entice them to support.

    My second trip happened last week. I walked in on a conversation between one of the 2nd year MBAs and one of my team members in the GRC and told them I was going up to New York to visit with one of the panelists I met at the Social Enterprise Conference. One thing led to another and before I left the graduate lounge, I had been linked to a Kogod alum who is a marketing master living in New York. Within a few minutes we had scheduled to meet for coffee.

    The combination of the tight-knit Kogod family and the city of New York offers unending opportunities. If you haven’t been there, you should go. If you have already been there, you know that every time you go to New York you see or taste something  amazing. Keep yourself open to options outside of DC, and remember to tap into the generous network of alumni who are willing to help answer all of your questions and even pay for your coffee and croissant.

    Transportation sidenote: The bus is the cheapest way to get to and from NYC. The Chinatown bus costs around $35, while you can score a round-trip from MegaBus or Bolt Bus for under $10 if you book in advance. If you have a car, driving up is not terrible, but be aware of the time when you leave DC and when you plan on arriving in New York. You could be stuck in loads of traffic. Taking the train is a very convenient option that is a bit pricier (~$240 regional), however it is the best door to door option from Kogod.