• First Impressions

    This is my first post for the Kogod Grad Insider blog so I’d like to talk about a few of my experiences as a new Kogod student.  I attended the Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) Careerpalooza event on September 7. We had interesting presentations from City Year, Uber, CSC,  Freddie Mac, and Deloitte, and almost all by Kogod alums.

    A consultant from Deloitte shares career opportunities during the KCCD's Careerpalooza event.

    A consultant from Deloitte shares career opportunities during the KCCD’s Careerpalooza event.

    When I was considering applying to the Masters of Sustainability Management program, one of my biggest questions was about the career development support provided for students. This was important for me because I’m (and I hate this term) a Millennial. You know, that generation that graduated right into the Great Recession. So when I decided to go to graduate school for what is basically a brand-spanking-new field, career support was extremely high on my list of “Important Things”.

    I’m happy to report that from what I’ve seen, Kogod takes this seriously. From day one, the KCCD

    has made themselves available to help prep resumes and cover letters, provide guidance for interviewing, and even business lunch etiquette. This is especially important to the individuals I’ve talked to in the taxation and accounting programs, who will start their recruitment process next week for jobs that begin in May. And I thought reading 1,000 pages before starting classes was tough.

    Which brings me to classes and classmates. I met most of my fellow MS in Sustainability Management classmates at orientation. I am blown away by the intelligence and variety of experience of my peers. We have marine biologists, zoologists, architects, DOD contractors, and more. Most of us are (ugh, that term again) Millennials. And we are here because we think we can make a difference. We are here because we know someone needs to lead businesses into the future, and that the American Dream is Green. We know those someones are us.

    New graduate students at Kogod learn the ropes.

    New graduate students at Kogod learn the ropes.


    After two weeks of classes and attending almost every event available to me, I know I made the right choice by coming to Kogod. Our program director is excited about the program (it took all of 5 minutes to realize that), our professors are top notch, and the location in DC offers opportunities unavailable anywhere else. Furthermore, the MSSM program’s interdisciplinary nature allows us to interact with a broad group of individuals at the university and learn from them.

    As I look forward to the rest of the semester, I am really excited about what we will learn, read and discuss. There are numerous opportunities to get involved with groups on campus and to find internships off campus. Better yet, Kogod has a program which allows students to be reimbursed for some of their expenses for attending conferences such as Net Impact, as well as for other conferences, like the Asian MBA conference, the Black MBA conference, the Women MBA conference, and the Hispanic MBA conference.

    Kogod students at the National Black MBA Association conference in Houston this fall.

    Kogod students at the National Black MBA Association conference in Houston this fall.

    I’m really excited for the opportunities that we have here at Kogod, and for all the opportunities presented by living in the DC area. I’m a recent transplant to DC after several years in Colorado, and I was nervous about the change. What I have found is that the people here and my fellow students at Kogod are friendly and open. On top of that, I’ve already been to the National Mall, the White House, and the Smithsonian Institute of Air and Space. I look forward to sharing my experience with other prospective students who are considering Kogod.