2016 Kogod Auto Index, American University
"Made in America"
2016 Auto Index

What percentage of your vehicle’s value contributes to the well-being of the U.S. economy? How does your car impact the U.S. automobile industry’s economic vitality? Kogod's 2016 Made in America Auto Index seeks to answer these questions by evaluating the domestic content of vehicles sold in the US.

Kogod Greater Washington Millennial Index, American University
Kogod Greater Washington Millennial Index
The Kogod Greater Washington Index: Millennials was conceived to find out what Millennials want in a place to live and work, and to see how the greater Washington area measures up.

Kogod's 60 Year Timeline in Washington, DC
Kogod: 60 Years of Business in DC
Discover the history of the longest-standing business school in Washington, DC. Since 1955, Kogod School of Business has made history in the Greater Washington Area and internationally.

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