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In any woodworking project, making a straight and true cut makes the project successful. And for this reason, the router fence is one of the most important one of the most used guide systems on the router table. A router fence has to be straight, easy to position, rigid, stay in place, and lastly, it must allow for a range of positions.

We have two types of router fences, a one-piece fence and a split fence. The split fence has two halves, and these halves have to be adjusted separately. Both of these halves have to aligned so that they are perfectly parallel to each other so that you can get accurate cuts. This can be quite hard to accomplish, though, because these two halves have to be adjusted separately. The advantage of the split fence is that it lets you offset the in-feed and out-feed sides of the fence so as to accommodate the removal of materials during the cut. 

One-piece fences are actually easier to use, because there is no need to align two halves of the fence so that they can be perfectly parallel. Some one-piece fences come with a feature that allows you offset the in-feed and out-feed to account for the removal of material during the cut, sans the stress of trying to align two sides.

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At its most rudimentary nature, an outer fence can be a straight piece of lumber that is clamped to the router table, but if you are looking for more features, you could try the Woodpeckers Super Fence. The Woodpeckers Super Fence router table measures almost 4 inches tall by 5 inches deep, and it has a micro-adjustable offset that is up to ¼ inches for an accurate in-feed and out-feed alignment.

This fence also ahs a dust collection port that fits 2 – ¼ and 2 – ½ inches hose, variable throat capabilities that will handle router bits up to 4 inches in diameter and multiple T-Slots on every surface. These T-Slots allow for quick and accurate attachment of sub-fences, feather boards and several other attachments. And if you are looking for a best electric tire inflator. You can check this article.

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