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The cabinet saw is a lot more powerful, bulkier, and also, it works smoothly than the other types of saws. If you know that money or your budget is not going to affect the kind of saw you will be buying, then the cabinet saw is for you. And this doesn’t mean that you will be carelessly throwing a good deal of money on this machine; they have their advantages.

The Advantages

Power: Cabinet saws’ motors usually have a horsepower of 3 – 5. And this alone, is enough to cut through anything that you would give it.

Its is Less Likely to Burn Cuts: Slow feed rates is the main reason why we get burned cuts, let us take alignment issues off the table. With the cabinet saw’s extra power, you would not need to slow your feed rates so as to get through a cut, thus, getting some burn marks.

More Mass: The extra mass is vital! Cabinet saws have more weight because of their bigger frames. And this is advantageous for many reasons. The average height of a cabinet saw is around 500 lbs.

Less Vibrations: The cabinet saw’s additional mass makes for smoother cuts.

Bulkier Trunnions: This, here, is one of the most vital parts of the cabinet saw. This part is what enables you to tilt the saw blade and it is also what holds the saw blade at 90 degrees to the table. The bulky trunnions and how it is that they connect to the saw is one reason a cabinet saw should be the last saw you will ever have to get.

Bulkier Controls: Both the raising of the blade and the tilting mechanism are very much easier and smoother to run on a cabinet saw than that of a contractor saw.

Easy to Align: The trunnion assembly and the tabletop are separately connected to the frame. And this allows for better adjustments to be made easier when aligning the blade to the miter slot when compared to the contractor saw.

The Disadvantages

It really isn’t much. The most disadvantage of the cabinet saw is its price. It is pretty expensive as compared to the other saws in its category. And another thing is that, you must have a 220v wiring in your shop to be able to power a cabinet saw, especially the large-sized ones. If you already have  a sub-panel in your shop, then this should not be a problem for you.

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