Choosing The Right Fly Tying Vise

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So, you recently fell in love with this fly fishing game. Maybe, you were introduced by a friend or someone and over time you have become quite good at it, so good that you are able to catch fish all by yourself. But even with this your new found ability, there is another rewarding thing that would bring your fly fishing full circle, and that is catching your fish on a fly that you tied all by yourself.

There’s that thing about collecting a stream sample, taking it home, and twisting your creation from a variety of materials that you can use to catch your fish, giving you this sense of confidence and adroitness, and also, it is quite a fun thing to do.

But then, how do you start? The world of fly tying can be quite daunting when you are first introduced into it, and your ability to navigate through this world will ensure that you save yourself some money; and for this reason, we will be giving you a few tips.

Try it First

It is without a doubt that the game of fly fishing is one that requires patience. This is one skill, as with any other skill, that would require you to make lots of failings and achieve lots of successes. The best thing you can give with this sport is time. Before you dive into what materials you should be using, you should make sure to try it out first.

Choosing the Right Vise

The vise is the most important tool that you would need to get into this sport of fly fishing. When you go online to search for topics on the sport of fly fishing, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of information you will get regarding the size and styles of the vise.

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When you take a closer look at vises, you will notice that there are two differing styles, the rotary and the conventional types. The rotary function allows the tier to spin the fly 360 degrees, and it also holds the fly level aiding in wrapping materials.

The conventional vise is set at 45 degrees, and it only holds the hook.


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