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With a good table saw, Half-lap joints are great for making smooth, stable, seamless, right-angle connections, and this involves overlapping two pieces of material where half of the original thickness of each has been removed. Once they are joined, they make a single joint, matching their original thickness. The most common use for this joint would be for joining face-frame components inexpensive furniture or connecting table legs to the table’s stretchers.

You should start your half-lap joints by making the shoulder cuts and precise milling around the shoulders of the material, as this is essential in your achieving seamless half-lap joints. This also makes sure that the faces of each board are flush with each other. This is where the table saw’s miter gauge comes in. The table saw’s miter gauge is used to make shoulder cuts. And this gauge should be set up with an accurate square to make sure that you get perfectly square cuts.

When trying to make shoulder cuts, you should use a crosscutting blade. And one blade you can use is the 80-tooth ATB blade. The height of the blade should be exactly half the material that you will be joining. You should also use an adjustable square or a table saw blade height gauge to help you set the blade’s height.

Once you have made sure that the shoulders have been defined by the first cuts, you can then proceed to remove the remaining material. There are a few ways to do this, but the best way would be to use the stacked dado set. Getting a high-quality stacked dado set is one vital accessory that you can add to your table saw. You should set the dado’s height to half the thickness of the material (not less, and not more, but the exact half of it).

Once you are done making the initial cuts for the half-lap joints, you can then go ahead to fine-tune the fit by using either a chisel or a rabbet plane, only if you know that it is necessary to do so. When you know that you are okay with the fit of the joint, you can secure it with wood glue and clamps until it is completely dy. If you want a stronger half-lap, you can just drill through the already assembled joint and also install a dowel pin. To secure the dowel, you would need to use some wood glue to do that.

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