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What is HVLP?


Fair enough, you get to ask the question, what exactly is an HVLP paint sprayer? Well, HVLP basically stand for High Volume, Low volume. That is typically what it is. It is quite similar to the spray gun, using a compressor to supply air. The conventional paint systems usually work between 45 – 60psi, which is high pressure, at 8 cfm, which is at low volume; but HVLP paint sprayers’ systems usually work between 100 cfm, which is its high volume, and 10 cfm, which is its own low volume.

Reduced Spray

This is one reason why you should choose the HVLP paint sprayer over the conventional sprayers. When the HVLP paint sprayers are at low pressures, they allow you easily lay the paint on whatever surface you are working on rather than you blasting it over.

Thing is, even when it is working on a high pressure, it is good at reducing the spray, leaving you with a very good finish, though not very efficient. Using the HVLP paint sprayer at high pressure, you would have 30% on the surface you’re working on, and the remaining 70% in the air, and this is not something you would want, as this will hurt your pocket, because you would need to get more paints, and well, it isn’t healthy for you, having all that paint in the atmosphere.

But if you use the HVLP paint sprayer at a lower pressure, it will give you an easier to control, and softer spray. And what this means is that most of the spray will find their way onto the surface you are working on, and the percentage of that happening is as high as 85%. The HVLP paint sprayer is gradually becoming the standard in the painting world.

Is HVLP the Future of Paint Spraying?

As stated above, the HVLP paint sprayer is becoming the industry standard in many fields, and there is more emphasis on its effect on the environment. And as we see it, it could become the way to go in the way of paint spraying in years to come. Maybe you have a quality compressor at hand at the moment and you think that the HVLP paint sprayer is not worth getting, but if you know that you have a lot of projects to take on and these projects would require the use of a lot of paint, then you should consider the HVLP paint sprayer.

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