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When it comes down to you having to spray a metal surface, the kind of spray gun you use is very vital to achieving the results you desire, and, also, giving you that professional look. And this is why we recommend the HVLP spray guns as they are the best option for painting metal surfaces.


It does not matter what spray gun it is you own, they all have one aim and that is to break liquid up into tiny particles, so that the broken up liquid turns into a mist of spray. Here’s the general rule, the smaller the size of the droplet, the more uniform the coating will be, and you will get better results.

The conventional spray guns make use of high air pressure to force paint out through the tip, and they do this at high velocities, making some droplets bounce back off whatever surface they are sprayed on, and into the air and not to the layer. And this, not only is it a waste of paint, but it can cause paint to fall on surfaces you do not intend to paint.

And this is why you need the HVLP spray gun. HVLP stands for High Volume of air at a Low pneumatic Pressure. Naturally, an HVLP spray gun has an integrated turbine that blows warm air and liquid paint towards the surface that needs to be painted.

Why the HVLP spray gun is the most preferred spray gun over the conventional paint spraying systems is because it produces a very fine mist of paint and it also has a higher transference rate. And what this means is that you get more paint on the surface you paint on than in the air, reducing waste.

This is most effective in the hands of the professional painters (not saying that DIYers cannot get at taste of this), because then they are able to effectively cover surfaces (and for the purpose of this article, metal surfaces) like store fronts, outdoor artwork, and metal window frames.

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