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Maintenance and The Cost Of Bench Grinders

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Owning a bench grinder is an important part of the whole process, but for the optimization of your tools, you will need to know how to keep and maintain your bench grinder.

Not caring for this tool will not only lead to you not fully benefiting from the purchasing of this tool, but also, you could be risking the progress of your project and you could be putting your health at risk.

Most of these wheels on the grinder come from aluminum oxide or silicon carbine. Ferrous metals benefit from aluminum oxide, while other metals benefit from the silicone carbine made wheels.

To keep these wheels in prime conditions, you will need to dress them regularly so that clogged grains on the wheel may be removed. There are two options available and they are diamond dressers and star-wheel dressers. For your general needs, it is advisable that you use the diamond dresser. Also recommended is the emery star wheel dresser.

For your general cleaning, the star-wheel dressers give you clean grains consistently. After cleaning the wheel several times, the diamond dresser is a good choice because it helps restore the sharpeners of the wheel to a certain level. What you can do is run the dresser over the wheel as instructed by the manufacturer.

You will also need to inspect your bench grinder to make sure that there are no cracks in the wheel before and after use. Overtightening is one of the main reasons (if not the major reason) why wheels crack.

What it costs to buy the best bench grinders

You do not want to constantly change dull tools or have a professional help you do the sharpening every time. There are sharpening tools that are available for prices less than $100. Most of these cheaper models of bench grinders are usually 6 inches and for this reason are not always suitable to the needs of every woodworker.

Most bench grinders are between the ranges of $100 – $200. With this price range, you can get a bench grinder of 8 inches that comes with features like an attached light. For professionals who use industrial grade bench grinders, these bench grinders can be gotten at a price that can reach $1,000.

As time goes on, you will need to change the various wheels that are used with your bench grinder as well. Based on the fitness of the grit that is required, the price will go up. A 36-grit wheel can be found for just $10, while a 6,000-grit wheel can cost $100 each.

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