Making The Right Decision When Fly Tying: The Vise

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A lever vise is about the way hooks are being clipped into the vise using a hence, hence the term lever vise. When it comes to rotary vises, they can either have lever or screw actions to tighten the grip on the hook.

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But the problem is that with rotary vises, there are various kinds of them.  Don’t worry, we’ll be helping you out. There are many vises that are available on the market that are passed off as rotary vises. And yes, many of these can rotate one way or the other. But for it to be a true rotary vise, it should have the following functions:

  • Its axis of rotation has to be the same or at least it has to be close to the axis of the hook shank. When the hook is mounted horizontally, the vise will make sure that the eye and the shank are kept on the same level when the rotating part of the vise is turned.
  • The hook should be able to rotate 360 degrees without any stops. This is one advantage for some tying techniques like trimming deer hair, winding ribbing or even just varnishing heads that you can easily and evenly get on with a rotary vise. A good rotary also has no dead points, no click stops or anything else that would hinder the positioning of the hook. The vise should be able to turn more than one round in the same exact direction.
  • The hook should be able to turn on both directions, both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Designed to Get a Grip on a Hook

Although it is possible for you to get a grip on the hook without your having to use your fingers, it is also great to observe those who have been in the game of fly tying for a while making dressed salmon fishing flies by hand; although, you probably won’t see a lot of people doing this these days. The right kind of flying vise should be easy to use, it should be able to grip the fly hook securely, and it should be able to fit a variety of hook sizes.



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