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Today I want to share my experiences testing different bench grinders so that you can save the hassle of starting with the wrong one.

Let us jump in, shall we?

Best Bench Grinder On The Market 

Here is a list of the bench grinder:

ImageProduct NamePrice
Best bench grinderDEWALT DW758 8" Bench Grinder Check Price
This tool is a 6-inch bench grinder DEWALT DW756 6-inch Check Price
This tool weighs 35.9lbs, which makes it a heavyweight bench grinderMetabo DS 200 8-inch Check Price
Rikon bench grinderRIKON Power Tools 80-805 8 Check Price
EastwoodEastwood 1/2HP 8″ Combination Bench Grinder Check Price
This 8-inch unit is a slow speed bench grinderPOWERTEC BGSS801 Check Price

5 Best Bench Grinder – Reviews:

  1. DEWALT DW758 Benchgrinder

This is a tool with a ¾ HP induction motor which makes the DEWALT DW758 a nice, powerful unit for both personal and commercial uses. One of the good features of this unit is that it is capable of running at a 3,600 RPM without compromising in quality or consistency.

Another cool feature about this unit is, this bench grinder, if well-maintained, can serve you for years and years. There’s an overload protection that maximizes the life of the motor while its tool-free adjustable guard enables a quick guard installation and also adjustments.

Our top bench grinder of the year

Combining such characteristics with the quality construction such as the rugged cast iron base, you’ll have a very durable bench grinder for all your grinding purposes.

The DEWALT DW756 has a 12.5 inch distance between the wheels allowing it to be flexible for both small and big uses. In the wheel guards, there are rear exhaust ports that allow you to have a smooth operation. Although, this is an 8-inch bench grinder that comes at a competitive price, there are certain faults you should know about.

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The most common flaw of this tool that is being complained about is that the vibration the bench grinder produces is excessive, and it causes the wheels to shake, which can make work on some projects a tad more difficult.

Reason to buy

  • Impressive RPM
  • It is durable
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  1. DEWALT DW756 6-inch Bench-Grinding Tool

This tool is a 6-inch bench grinder that has been designed to be easy to use. Its yellow and black colors are reflective of the DEWALT brand, which is also the overall construction and performance. One of the most vital things to take note of in a bench grinder is the motor. The DW756 has a powerful 5/8 HP induction motor that gives an excellent overall performance at a high RPM of 3,450 and with all these, there’s little vibration.

A combination of this with the highly competitive price of this unit, the DW756 is, without an iota of doubt, the best bench grinder for your money.

dewalt dw756 6-inch bench grinder reviews

One really nice thing about this particular bench grinder is its ample 12.5 inches of distance between the wheels. This allows its flexible nature to carry out longer, larger projects without any difficulty. As it is expected from DeWalt, its build quality is solid with the base made of cast iron and the rest of aluminum, making it nice and durable.

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Since this particular unit is designed to be an easy-to-use one, with good solid performance, there aren’t a vast array of features to talk about, but there are lots of accessories that can be bought to expand your options. Perhaps, the main problem of this unit is that the provided guide is lacking in certain areas, and can make setup and use a bit trickier.

Overall, though, it is one of the top 6-inch bench grinders you can get.


  • Economical
  • Has a powerful motor
  • The distance between wheels 
  • Its instructions are lacking. 
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  1. Metabo DS 200 8-inch – best Bench Grinder

This tool weighs 35.9lbs, which makes it a heavyweight bench grinder. Despite its heaviness, it is still the best 8-inch grinder on the market. Its sturdiness with its aluminum protective covers is clearly of a high-quality build, and this, added to its weight, is enough to reduce vibrations that other low-quality bench grinders are known for.

In fact, it isn’t all that necessary to have this unit bolted to your bench, as some people don’t even bother to (we’re not saying you shouldn’t bolt this tool to your bench, as it is recommended).

Metabo DS 200 8 inch

Apart from the fact that it has low vibration, it also has low noise. But don’t be deceived by that, don’t think just because its noise is low, then it probably wouldn’t do the needed job well, it will because this is a powerful tool that runs smoothly. This 8-inch grinder runs at an impressive speed of 3,570 RPM.

This is shown in the fact that the grinder wheels can take a minute or two to come to a halt after switching it off.

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Its setup is quick and easy (depending on who is setting it up) and you’ll be sharpening tools and the rest in no time. Its push on and off buttons is a novel and welcome feature, and the buttons come in green and red colors, making it easier to differentiate between them.

In fact, the red button is slightly raised higher to make it the easiest to reach in case of an emergency. One question asked by people about this product is its high price, but the quality of build and its performance and features make this unit worth the buy.

Reason to buy

  • It has little vibrations
  • It is a quiet yet a powerful motor
  • It has an excellent build quality
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  1. POWERTEC BGSS801 Bench Grinder

This tool is one of the unique bench grinders on the market. This 8-inch unit is a slow speed bench grinder. Its RPM of 1,725 is designed to stop tools from overheating, which is something that is necessary, safety-wise, but is a feature not provided by most other units.

The ½ HP motor provides a smooth and quiet operation that is not easily found in bench grinders on the market. These unique features offered by the BGSS801 mean that this unit is built to last for a long time, even when used regularly.

Slow speed bench grinder

Grinding with this unit has been made easy, thanks to the wheels that were made 1 inch wide. It was made from white aluminum oxide, which produces less heat than many of the bench grinders out there on the market.

Its vibration is less and is reduced by the heavy gauge steel base which offers improved stability. Although, this is one fine bench grinder, it is good to know that it is really for sharpening and light grinding, lacking the needed power for any heavy use.

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However, many buyers have expressed their dissatisfaction with unbalanced wheels. Despite all this, the POWERTEC BGSS801 is a good option for lighter projects and those who seek a quicker bench grinder.

Reason to buy

  • It is relatively quiet
  • It has little vibrations
  • Its wheels are 1 inch wide 
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  1. JET 577102 JBG-8A Bench-Grinding Tool

Do not be shocked when you see the steep price of the JET 577102 and then find out that it is also for industrial grade use. This 8-inch grinder makes it easy to complete a gamut of projects.

One of the most crucial things to put into consideration is the motor which is 1 HP and provides 3,450 RPM. For a heavy grinding tool, this is plenty of power. And despite this high power, it runs smoothly and provides very little in the way of vibration, making the work a little bit easier.

Jet bench grinder

It reduces movement, but this tool can also be bolted down on a bench if needed. This tool is helped by the rubber feet on the unit. What other quality? The level of noise is low for a bench grinder of its caliber

The JET 577102 has a weight of 56lbs which, although, it isn’t super lightweight, is definitely not heavy for a machine of its kind. Cast iron wheel guards and dust vents, as well as pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings, these help ensure the longevity of this bench grinder.

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Maybe, the only real problem with this tool is the ability for its wheels to wobble and may require adjustments. But be rest assured, as that is not the case with all units and it really isn’t a major issue.

Reason to buy

  • It is durable
  • It is nice
  • It is very powerful
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Best Bench Grinder Buying Guide

As promised, here comes the buyer’s guide:

A bench grinder is a wonderful choice for anyone in the DIY business, and also around the home. But you should know that there are a couple of other types of grinders that may fit your grinding needs.

We have the Angle Grinder and the Die Grinder

  • Angle Grinder: This is a hand-held power tool that can be used for grinding and for polishing.
  • Die Grinder: This is also a hand-held power tool that also helps you grind as well as sand and polish metal. You can do the same with plastic and metal.

The Die Grinder is small in size than the angle grinder, and it is great for more intricate and detailed work. It is also quite portable. This is why it is hand-held. The Angle Grinder is a cross between the die grinder and the bench grinder, in that, it is portable and also big enough to grind large surfaces. Although the die and angle grinders are portable, they lack versatility and the power that is associated with the bench grinder. As such, the bench grinder is the best option for people with a good space in their homes for DIYs such as a workshop.

Uses of a Bench grinder

It may seem self-explanatory, but people do not realize that there are a number of different uses for the bench grinder. It is a versatile tool that can help you in numerous ways. With this tool, you not only can shape and sharpen metal, but you can also cut and clean it, too.

What are the Uses?

  • Flooring: Flooring can be done so much easier with a bench grinder. From raising nail heads to removing grouts, a bench grinder can make DIY flooring quicker and easier.
  • Painting: If you need to paint but you need to level any swelling or even get rid of old paint, a bench grinder can do the job. It can act like sandpaper, except, this is a lot more efficient.
  • Carpentry: It doesn’t matter if you’re building furniture or renovating an entire living room, a bench grinder can help smooth those rough areas as well as level joints.
  • Plumbing: They are great for plumbing, those bench grinders. And this is because you can do everything from cut worn out pipes to help smooth them out.

6-inch or 8-inch, which one to buy?

As you may already know, bench grinders come in a range of sizes. However, there are two main types of bench grinders and they are the 6-inch and 8-inch types.

This actually refers to the size of the grinding wheels. The 6-inch is for anyone at home, since it has enough power to carry out most DIY tasks. The 8-inch wheel is more for industrial uses, usually applied by a professional.

Different Types of Wheels

Choosing the best grinder is one thing, but choosing the right kind of wheel is another. Choosing right type of wheel is very vital because it can help make your work quicker and easier. There are factors that need to be put into consideration when it comes to grinding wheels.

First, you need to consider the material that needs to be grinded because this determines the type of wheel you’ll be using. For example, an aluminum oxide wheel should be used for grinding steel alone, while the silicon carbide abrasive should be used for cast iron.

Hard and brittle materials require a softer grade of wheel with a finer grit size, while softer materials work best with harder grade wheels with rough grit.

Types of Wheels

  • Cylinder Wheel: This is a hollow wheel. The cylinder wheel should only be used with vertical or horizontal bench grinders, these wheels can be quite large, being up to 12 inches wide, and they produce flat surfaces.
  • Straight Wheel: This is most common, and it is good for uses like sharpening chisels. Straight wheels come in different sizes, and they’re good for surface grinding.
  • Tapered Wheel: It is used for grinding threads or gear teeth. This wheel is more ideal for delicate work because it tapers off towards the edge.

There are other types of grinding wheels such as: diamond wheels, cut-off wheels, and saucer wheels, but these wheels are the special kind of wheels that are rarely ever needed when working around the home.

Making that Purchase

Following these five steps can make purchasing a bench grinder quite easy, like deciding your budget, understanding your needs, comparing the market, selecting a brand, and then making that purchase.

First off, you need to:

  • Understand your needs: Knowing why you need a bench grinder is very crucial to consider before buying. If you just buy any bench grinder, you may realize that it doesn’t suit you. Let us say that you are looking to sharpen, then you’d want to get a machine with a lower RPM. But on the other hand, if you want to buffer, then you want a bench grinder with a higher RPM.
  • Deciding your budget: You may have a specific amount set for the purchase, which could make the buying a little bit easier. It will help narrow down the brands you seek, and also, it will help you decide what features are important and those that are not. Are you willing to use up more power? Can you make do without variable speeds? These are important questions that you would need to ask yourself when you think about price. There are good quality bench grinders from brands not listed in this article that could give you better value if you are on a budget.
  • Selecting a brand: As always, the better known the brand is, the more expensive the product will be. Although we usually determine the level of quality based on brands, but it sometimes isn’t the case. As earlier mentioned, there are some brands that are not well-known but have competitive products. The quality of the machine really isn’t the only important factor, but the customer service of the brand offering the product.
  • Comparing Markets: By checking out detailed reviews and exploring the extensive collection of tips provided in this article, the process should be quicker and easier. Although, there are many grinders out there. Even though we recommend that you get the bench grinders listed in this article, we encourage you to take a look at more reviews available online before you come to a decision. You should check the various online stores for review and for price comparisons so you can get the best possible deal.
  • Buying: Now that you know what bench grinder is good for you, make sure that you as you make any purchase, you should check the sort of warranty that comes with the product. It is also vital that you check if the bench grinder has any accessories accompanying it, as this makes for a good incentive to buy a product instead of the next one. These accessories can be easily bought online, so even if they do not come with the product you purchase, do not fret. Make sure you go through the provided instructions so as to keep in mind the safety warnings related to the product.

A bench grinder can be used for sharpening cutting tools such as drill bits, gouges, and chisels, this depends on the bond and grade of the grinding wheel. For other purposes, you could use it to roughly shape metal before it is welded or fitted. A buffing wheel or a wire brush wheel can be alternated with the grinding wheels just so workpieces can be cleaned or polished. Stiff buffing wheels, on the other hand, can be used when deburring is the task on the ground.

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The basic wheels found on most bench grinders are vitreous-bond wheels. They work their best to do their intended tasks, but they naturally run a high risk of cracking. Grinding wheels that have been made for steel only are to be used for just steel, and not to be used for grinding softer metals like aluminum.

Soft metal usually gets lodged in the pores of the wheel and then, it expands with the heat that comes from grinding. This can dislodge the pieces of the grinding wheel, making it liable to cause injuries.

Wheels come with maximum RPM ratings that are usually printed on the label. The grinder’s RPM is either equal or lower (must be that way!); the maximum operating speed levels indicated on the tag or label of the wheel should never be exceeded. Over-speeding a grinding wheel could eventually cause it to explode.

Now, it is one thing trying to decide if you want a bench grinder, but it is also another thing deciding which bench grinder is right for you. And for this reason, to help you, to guide you through this dilemma, we’ve come up with a rather comprehensive list of bench grinder reviews that will help make the decision-making a little easier.

After giving you reviews for each product or tool, we’ll also give you a buyer’s guide that will give you all the necessary tips and tricks you would need for your bench grinder. After reading this article, you’ll definitely be an expert in bench grinders, and will have a better idea of which grinder you need.


The higher the price of the tool, the more you need to know about it, so as to make the right purchase. You need to take your time when deciding to buy an equipment such as the bench grinder as it s not like any simple tool like a chisel.