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It is common knowledge (or maybe not so common) that fly tying is some kind of masterpiece and that the vise is the best tool to employ when it comes down to tying flies.

In this very huge market, when it comes to choosing the best fly tying vise, your choice would depend on your usage and what exactly you will be needing it for, and of course, the money at hand.

You should know that all vises work the same so, do not bother about their functions, what you should be concerned with doing is to start tying and stocking up the fly boxes with the artificial lures.

In this article, we will be giving you a review of the best fly tying vises on the market (well, according to us).

Best Fly Tying Vise 2019 Review

  1. Griffin Odyssey Spider – Best Fly Tying Vise for Beginners

The Griffin model is best for those who are new to fly tying, since it is very handy and very easy to use. It comes with a 360 rotation-enabled vise that allows you to spin the fly around in any direction that you want.

Its bobbin cradle that you can use for adjustment can be placed anywhere on the vise stem.

This Griffin Odyssey Spider vise is made of very fine materials and it has a great manufacturing quality, with a cool design that allows you to hold hooks of any size in a firm way.

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This tool is equipped with a c clamp that is very sturdy and it is also very easy to adjust the vise head’s height.

But you should note that sometimes, it gets hard to find the spot to clamp to when you are tying.

It doesn’t matter if you are using the c clamp or the pedestal base vise, you sure will feel very comfortable when you are using the Griffin Odyssey model in any situation, giving you the best results.


  1. Peak Fishing Vise – Best Rotary Fly Tying Vise

This is another ideal model for those who are new to the fly tying field; it feels just like getting a new brand that is certain to do the job to all the anglers and the fly tyers.

This is a really great model, made in the USA, with two different configurations that come at the same price. You can decide to go for either the c clamp or the pedestal base configuration that you can find at the same price range.

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The brass, the stainless steel, tool steel, and the aircraft aluminum all put together make this vise a sturdy and pleasant model for fly tyers. This model also has hardened and tempered tool steel jaws that are efficient and can hold hooks ranging from sizes 2 to 20.

Although, the rotary function, by itself, is quite sufficient; it gives you a seamless experience for those out there who see fly tying as a difficult thing to partake in.

This model can remain on any thread wherever it is set all because of its table top base that is heavy. With the added bobbin cradle that you can easily adjust for both height and length.

This model comes with a lifetime warranty in either material or workmanship, this means that you can consider this vise to be a long-term investment for you in your tying activities and tools.


  1. Atlas Fly Tying Vise – Best Fly Tying Vise Under 200

The Atlas Fly Tying Vise is a product of the Wolff Industries. It is completely different from any of the above-mentioned products because it provides you with a full rotary vises within your target budget.

In addition to that, it has a great looking design, with a decent performance that works without one single problem.

If you are in search of a vise that will not easily break and that will last you for a long time (which is what most buyers look for in a product) and even thinking of passing it on to someone else, then you should consider buying the Atlas Fly Tying Vise.

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This model has a beautiful construction, with a very durable vase which is sealed by using aluminum c clamp and steel jaws in its stainless steel, rust free design.

With all those added features, there is the bobbin cradle that will help you get a full benefit of its 360 degrees rotary action. This model will certainly see to it that you have a steady, smooth, and balanced performance.

This model has enough strength to give a hassle-free tying of larger hook flies that will be able to keep the kit rigid even when it is under intense pressure.


  1. Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 – Best Fly Tying Vise by Renzetti

The Renzetti Traveler vise is one of the greatest vises on the market that provides a positive rotary option, and it comes with pedestal base or c clamp.

On the pedestal, there is a thumb screw available, and when screwing it, the vise can be easily popped up from the base.

There is also a good bobbin cradle that is quite easy to adjust, it can spin all the way round in a 360-degree rotation. The vise also comes with a thumb screw for when you are loosening it, this means that you will be able to raise and lower he bobbin cradle.

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The rotary arm has two screw adjustments above and also it has a thumb screw, and these depend on the kind of material used; so, you can choose to either loosen or tighten its tension and most of all without you having to lose on the quality side.

This model comes with great opportunities, and it does not matter whether you are a beginner or you are an experienced tyer, this model is one great rotary vise that will give you a satisfying tying experience.

Finally, it comes with a piece that designs a long-lasting aluminum anodized piece of equipment.


  1. Orvis Ez Tying Vise – An Excellent Rotary Fly Tying Vise

The Orvis Ez Travel Vise does not need you to dig deep into your pockets, but it comes with features that can be found on the more expensive vises.

This model has a crank-driven rotary that is a welcome idea, giving it some extra versatility when it comes to wrapping threads and a smooth rotation for drying epoxies.

The Orviz Ez Rotary Vise is made from machined stainless steel and aluminum, making it very long-lasting and allowing it to withstand tough situations.

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It is designed with great compactness in mind as it has a height of about 6.5 inches and a width of about 5.25 inches, making it the perfect travel vise, as it is portable and can easily fit into basically any fly-tying travel case.

This fly tying vise comes with a weighted base, a pedestal, and, also a c clamp. Although its clamp is made of plastic and it could possibly move around a little when you use it since it does not tighten very well.

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It comes with both a pedestal and a C-clamp.
  • All its knobs are made of plastic.

The Orvis Ez Rotary is one ideal vise for both intermediate fly tyers and for beginners as well. It would also be great for one who does not want to spend a lot of money on a travel vise. This model is not the most high-end vise that you can get on the market, but it’s practical enough for its price.


  1. Creative Angler Wooden Fly Tying Station – Best Fly Tying Vise

Almost everything it is that you need will be right there with you, well-sorted, and, also, easily stored with the Creative Angler Wooden. It features all the tools, hooks, and the materials that you might need.

It has a dimension of 11.5 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width, and 3 inches in height; it also has places where you can fit up to 12 tools. This tool weighs only about 4.3 pounds. For a versatile tool as this, it is lightweight.

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There is a socket that will securely hold your vise, keeping it stable.

Its 9.25 x 7.5 x 1.75 drawer helps to keep your materials and tools inventoried and ready for use. There are 3 spaces in it that hold both round and square bottles.

What’s more? It comes with a book that will guide you through the processes that might look a bit complicated at first.

  • It comes with 11 tools.
  • It is very easy to mount and move around.
  • It can be quite stressful to pack.

The Creative Angler Wooden melds both the functionality and the good design. Not only does it have a Super AA vise, but it also comes with multiple spots for arranging your tools upright as you get to working. There is also a large drawer where all your miscellaneous tools can be kept in.


  1. Regal Revolution Vise – Best Regal Fly Tying Vise

This model is one of the high-end fly tying vises on the market and it is possibly the best rotary fly tying vise out there.

Although, this model is made to make the entire vise spin, you will be getting the feature of adjusting the pitch of its angle.There is a little hex screw adjustment that you will find that will help you fix the hex wrenches.

You also have the choice of keeping the pitch of the vise straight or angle it up according to your own needs.You can also adjust the tension just by screwing down the knob that locks the head of the vise in place or you can back it off to spin freely in a smooth way.

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There is a little spot near the jaw that you will find for material’s clip as it is also included so that you can add a little knob there if you choose. Trying to insert a hook on the vise is quite easy to use; all you will need to do is to merely take your vise, squeeze the level, and insert the hook in the vise, making it hold your hook very securely.

Another thing that you will find is a groove installed inside the jaw that makes your larger hook’s holding or fitting firm. It has a heavy bronze pocket base that weighs a couple of pounds, very reliable and handy for your use.

Added to the above-mentioned, you will find a little magnet adorning its body section where you can attach tools like hooks or files. However, the pockets in the pedestal base are made to hold beads, hooks or materials like that that will come in very handy while you are working.


  1. Wolff Industries Apex – A Great Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Wolff Industries has taken note of the serious tires that have a tight budget; the Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise is set between both the best and the moderate-priced creations that Wolff is ready to offer you will all the premium features that you hope to get in a great fly tying vise.

The Apex Rotary has a moderate amount of friction, the vise gives a smooth performance while it is very accurate in its rotation; it is also solidly built, and it has the ability to handle tiny and large flies with equal strength.

This model might look small and portable, bit it is made of stainless steel, with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you would not have to worry much once it breaks.

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This vise with in-line rotary is made for a better inspection; you can choose to turn the fly over while also tying saltwater or large streamer pattern, and if you happen to run these horizontally, you will experience the best results.

Its steel jaws can hold, securely, hooks from 6/0 to 32., and for best results, the grooves are hooked with the jaws for easy holding of the larger hooks.

You will be able to adjust the vise according to your unique needs by moving the knobs as it comes with a large pedestal base and a nice machined C-clamp which increases your chances to use it for both options.

In all, this tool is certainly not going to disappoint you.


  1. Nor-Vise Fly Tying System – The Best Fly Vise

The Nor-Vise Fly Tying System is one of the best products by the Norvise company; it is not just a fly tying vise, it is a complete tying system that has brought up completely new and different ideas found in the traditional sense.

This model is ranked as one of the top models among the other contenders. It is designed with a smooth rotation system, cam jaws, the bobbin post, and the automatic bobbin, the vise’s system also comes with the feature of having exchangeable jaws that can be changed in nothing less that 30 seconds (yeah, that fast). It is fast and handy.

This vise has brought into existence the perfect dubbing, and this you can accomplish by following a few simple steps; first, you need to string the thread over to the second post and let go of the bobbin, then you touch the dubbing to your thread, and after that, you spin the vise, and that is it!

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This tool comes with the automatic bobbin that retracts excess thread, the system looks like it is made with magic.

After you have digested the prepared video by the manufacturers, where all the needed instructions regarding its setup and the operating of the device is laid out for you very finely, tying flies will be nothing but easy for you.

If you are on a budget, this vise might be a bit out of your range, but you should know that it is worth your every penny. Its unique usability will make you forget about any previous vise for fly tying that you have ever possessed.


  1. Stonfo Transformer – High-End Fly Vise

The Stonfo Transformer is possibly the most expensive model on this list of fly tying vises, but it has so many great features (one you would expect from a vise that is in its price range).

The major advantage to theis model is that you can transform its jaws from in-line vise to tube-fly vise or streamer vise with a single click on the shaft.

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The vise’s interchangeable jaws are adjustable and easy, and smooth. Its sleek rotary function makes this vise a unique one, setting it apart from the other models. You can also lock its position at any angle as it includes a shaft that helps you in locking position in a 45 degrees angle.

When it comes to its jaws, they are very slim, the rotary operation is smooth, and its add-ons are quite useful.

One thing, though, its cover is made of plastic even though there is a metal base found underneath, making it not the strongest in the field, but you should also know that the plastic in no way affects the function of the vise.


  1. Dyna King Barracuda – High Quality Rotary Fly Tying Vise

This is one stunning device with high precision, made of stainless steel.

At first, you will be stunned by the make and apparent smoothness of its rotation and just how great the tool is.

It is a mid-priced rotary vise with both a C-clamp and a pedestal version aimed toward the serious fly tyers.

This model is well packed and everything in and on it is well-arranged; once you open the package, you will find an instructional DVD that will guide you in its setup.

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This device is built with high-end materials that guarantee you that the product will last for a very long time even after you use it under intense pressures, as it will sit quite well on the desk. The base is great, and it will not damage the table that is set on, it has a weight of 2.5 kg.

You can get this model in a midge jaws so it can take on smaller hooks, you will not encounter any problems when it comes to the grip since it has a wide range of hook sizes. This is one great tool to get, it is rock solid and made with fine precision.

This is regarded as the king of vises and is sure to last you for a very long time, outliving many of the other cheaper fly tying vises. Although, the cover is made of plastic, but it has a base that is made with heavy metal.


  1. Danica DanVise – Best Fly Tying Vise Under 100

This is a mid-priced C-clamp vise that rotates quite well.

The very first thing that you will notice about the Danica Danvise once you bring it out of its box is that it is very light, due to its design.

The vise comes with a good-sized bag of bots and pieces that include parts and springs as well as an instructional DVD that will guide you through the setup process. When you first mount the vise, it will sit very well, and you will notice its sleek black, stealthy look.

Its rotational parts are also sleek, with its adjustable tensions, ones that can be adjusted to fit your needs just by adjusting the knobs at the back of the vise; its rotation also comes with a turning handle that is nice, smooth, and easy.

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Its jaws are made from high tempered steel, with the vise jaws loaded with a hook and a simple spider on a size 12 hook.

The jaws are firm and tight because of the solid C-clamp that holds the table very tight despite the fact that it is made of light construction; the bobbin cradle also doubles as a wire holder, holding the bobbin in place when wrapping the C-clamp for secure attachment to the edge of the table top surface.

In all, the Danica DanVise is a great purchase if you are a first time fly tyer, its sleek and light construction, when combined with the inline rotation system is a winner and it is very much recommended for you. It certainly will do the work well for you.

You should know that the vise will be the only tool that will cost you money but it certainly will help you create your own flies.

The other tools that are used in gathering the tying materials cost far less and they are not so expensive; but you should make sure that you do not go for a low quality vise because it could just easily break or it could stop working after you’ve used it a couple of times.


Best Fly Tying Vise – Buyer’s Guide

What Types of Vises are Good for Fly Tying?

Let us begin by giving you the factors that should be available in the vise that you would purchase:

A good vise should be able to hold different sizes and shapes of hook sizes securely, if not, it will not be of any use to you.

You should ensure that the tires are durable and are made of premium materials, the cheap vises are usually made of soft metal that will probably break quickly or will get grooves in it over time.

It should own a tight lock so that it is secure after you get the flies on the hook.

Always make sure that you choose vises that have jaws that can be easily adjusted so that it can accept variety of hook sizes; you should know that small jaws are more flexible to work with.

You should get a 360 degrees true rotary vise because they are great and they will enable you inspect fly from all angles.