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When it comes to your choosing a vise that fits into your budget and your requirements, it can be a stressful thing to decide what type of vise you should get, and this is usually even more complicated if you are new in the field of fly tying.

It does not matter whether you are tying flies for saltwater or freshwater fish, if your vise is unable to hold the hook securely, then it isn’t worth it.

We’ll be guiding you through the best fly tying vises types and what to do and not do.

  • Rotary or Non-Rotary: A rotary vise isn’t that necessary for all to tie, but of we can have a rotary vise, then the better. But what you want to do is assess other aspects of this feature before you get down to buying.


Rotary vises are usually recommended for fly tying and this is so because it gives you comfort when you are performing certain operations like applying lacquers or resins, or you simply want to ensure that your flying is performing as expected.

  • Pedestal or C-clamp: Which of these two is most suitable for holding the hook? It all comes down to your own personal preference, a clamp that offers both options as it gives more chances of adjusting the workplace to your own liking.


The major advantage to using the C-clamp is the fact that it firmly anchors the fly in a fixed position to the table, this is great for when the workplace is fixed.


If you do not use a fixed workplace, then it would be advisable that you use the base or pedestal so that you can place it wherever is suitable for you.

  • Clamps or Jaws: It does seem like a tough choice picking between these two: direct attachment and the dock. For those with the direct attachment, the two ends of the jaw can be fixed with a screw so that when the lever is closed, you can easily reach the minimum pressure needed to hold the hook.


In the second one, which is also the spring type, they function as a standard clamp. The clamp is closed and pressure must be added on a lever to be able to open them.


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