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Router tables are essential tool for any kind of woodworking shop, for either big projects or small ones. Woodworking router tables provide precision and also some flexibility to tasks even as complex as kitchen cabinets and custom furniture, to small and less intricate projects like rounding over the edge of a cutting board. Router tables not only do well in precision joinery work, they also are able to take on smaller pieces that you just cannot simply rout freehand.

It usually isn’t an easy task trying to find a router table that comes with all the specs that would suit your unique needs, that is why we will be giving you a few things to look at before you purchase one.

The core of any kind of router table is the router itself. And we will suggest the Triton 3.25HP plunge router to you. This router has a lot of power that will serve to run even the biggest router bits without it tiring out. It does not need a lift. It has a built-in lift mechanism (built into its router), and this saves you the needless expense of getting a separate router lift. It has a ¼-inch and 1/2 -inch collet, allowing one wrench bit changes just above the table.

The Triton router table also has a removable dust shield that you can hook up to a handy dust collection system that comes with the package. To mount the router to its table, all you need to do is insert a plate. This plate that will be inserted will be flat and strong, allowing for the easy mount of the router.

The router plate has a set of three of the most commonly used reduced rings and a pin spanner wrench that will help to remove and also install them. The bottom part of the table comes pre-drilled, making its installation process of the stand and fence very easy. At the bottom, the table has a black melamine veneer and a MicroDot laminate at the top of the heavy MDF core. The combination of these two components makes sure that there isn’t any room for weakness on the part of this table.

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