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Understanding The Use Of A Bench Grinder

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A bench grinder is a tool that is mounted on a workbench, and it is as important to a workshop as a pot is important to a kitchen. The use of any best bench grinder depends on the grade and bond of its grinding wheel. Its safety is another reason why the grinder is suitable for various workshops. Sharpening and cutting metals with accurateness is a vital component in a welding process. They work well for chipping lawnmower blades and removing dust from old weather vane.

Those Who Need a Bench Grinder

If you’re in need of a metal sharper or a bench polisher, you should choose to get a bench grinder. This tool is needed in every woodworker’s tool shop. Woodworkers generally work with tools that need precision. Keeping the sharpness of these tools and maintaining them is essential, that is why a woodworker would need to have a bench grinder. A bench grinder provides a more flexible solution, therefore making the job a lot easier. This applies to homeowners, any tool based worker or a construction specialist.

Workpiece Material

Vitreous bond wheels are the commonly used parts of the bench grinder. They are good for completing their intended tasks. You should know that the wheels designed for grinding softer materials should in no way be used for processing steel.

Tool Rest

Spark arrestor and tool rest are another vital part of the bench grinder. You should always keep the tool rest tight, and the diameter of the wheel should be around 2mm. the spark arrestor helps to collect all the sparks that fly, keeping the user safe. Grinders should have a good tool rest as this prevents any sudden slips.

Wheel Speed

The RPM ratings differ and this depends on the different grinders. It is important to check the RPM of the grinder depending on the metal that will be cut. Running the grinder too fast can cause the machine to explode which, of course, will certainly lead to safety issues.

Sides of Wheel

Every part that uses bench grinders needs to check that there is no imminent risk of an explosion. Some grinders are made only for grinding on edge. You need to understand their requirements before you buy disc-shaped grinders or the periphery grinders.


Grinders that are power-driven are more vulnerable to overheating. Most grinders are dry and there is usually either less or no cutting fluid in them. Doesn’t matter where they are used, the user should make sure that necessary steps are taken to cool it off. Some users usually put it in a pot of hot water so as to reduce the heat and keep it cool. Some grinders have coolant present in them, and they are known to be wet grinding machines. These are easy to control, and they are fast.


Wheel Guard  

These serve as an intercept that stop the grinder from exploding. They create a guard that surrounds the wheels of the grinders.

Though bench grinders are not used regularly, they are very important when you need to sharpen household metals.

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