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Router Table Tops

One of the very most crucial parts to consider when looking at router table reviews is the table top. The router table top needs to be absolutely flat, without any obstructions and very rigid.  A router table that flexes even slightly when the downward pressure necessary in feeding wood is placed on it will never reliably produce accurate cuts.

You can find different materials that Router Table Tops can be made from. The most popular and best include Cast Iron, MDF, and Phenolic.

Cast Iron Tabletops certainly are a good alternative due to their flatness, stability, and durability. A cast iron tool surface also has the mass to absorb the inevitable vibration from tool motors and other moving parts, and a substantial weight that assists in maintaining the table firmly planted on the floor.

Cast Iron Table Tops are not typically the most used because of two factors: cost, and the heavyweight rendering it less an easy task to be moved.  MDF and Phenolic are much more popular and economical choices for Router Table Tops.  Quality MDF router table tops should be at least 1-inch thick to give the appropriate stability and rigidity needed.  MDF router table tops are usually surfaced with either high-pressure laminate or melamine to help make the surface smoother and easier for the workpiece to maneuver across.

Phenolic table tops are also an excellent choice, because they are naturally rigid and very tough, but nonetheless have a clean finish that makes it simple to move your projects along. They are very high impact resistant and retain their original dimensions and stay flat, even under heavy use.

We like both Incra and Woodpeckers Tabletops, but really like that most of Woodpeckers table tops are manufactured right in the USA. Woodpecker’s table tops can be found in either laminated MDF or Phenolic and feature an embedded combination miter channel and T-track that is compatible with miter gauges, cross cut tools, feather boards, and even coping sleds.  The laminated MDF Tables use 2 pieces of MDF board to provide it with extra rigidity and durability and have a microdot low friction laminate that enables the workpiece to slide easily across the table top.

Router Mounting Plates

These plates are used for mounting the router. They are nestled into an opening that is found in the center of the router tabletops. To get an interrupted feed, the mounting plate would need to be flush with the tabletop surface, and the reducer will also be flush with the surface of the plate. The mounting plate should have a large enough hole for the largest available bits and one or two reducers to use with smaller bits.

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